Meet the Winners | Israel – 2017 eBay StartUp Cup Top 3 teams

The eBay StartUp Cup Challenge Business Model Competition transforms lives! Meet the 2017 Winners.

“Coaching on the pitch has been very helpful to refine the content, focus on the business enterprise customer’s problem, simplify and clarify the technology solution, omit names that don’t add to the story, and getting to the point faster. The mentoring on the business model was helpful to focus on the sales side, communicate the value to the customers, and emphasize the uniqueness of the approach.” – Grace Lee, WishPoints CEO & Founder


FIRST PLACE WINNERDigital Partners is an Online Marketplace that connects
and navigates the Technology Ecosystem to empower
relationships between Tech Startups and SMEs.

SECOND PLACE WINNER | The Menstrual Health Hub (MH Hub) is a global and interdisciplinary Community of Practice (CoP) for menstrual health actors and practitioners.

THIRD PLACE WINNERBy Heart Projects believes that social entrepreneurship
is the answer to solving the global issues that face us
today and tomorrow.


FIRST PLACE WINNER |  Whim is a full-service & automated event management platform. Whim brings together ticketing technology, design, marketing, staffing, booking, custom solutions, and our powerful advertising network to give event producers the tools they need to crush it a little.

SECOND PLACE WINNERZera connects listings to living by offering a holistic real estate experience. Zera allows customers and real estate professionals the luxury of having an assistant to help with the process.

THIRD PLACE WINNERWishPoints provides a competitive advantage to travel companies by offering access to a bigger pool of future customers, ability to influence customers before they search, and makes it easier to convert and build brand loyalty through end to end services.


FIRST PLACE WINNERReculta aims at helping institutions and companies come together to conduct hassle-free recruitment processes with the aid of analytics and visualization tools

SECOND PLACE WINNER | Mumbai’s fast-paced city is packed with people who face the crunch of time & opt for fast food options. Jai Mahalaxmi Tea Stall debunks this unhealthy alternative & provides nutritious packed meals.

THIRD PLACE WINNER | Araswati Mahila Bachat provides fair prices to farmers for khapali wheat grains, as the cultivation of khapali wheat takes longer time and special care.


FIRST PLACE WINNER | PTCHAT seek to build the capacity of schools and districts by providing them with the tools and information necessary to build collaborative partnerships between families and schools.

SECOND PLACE WINNERArmaments Research Company LLC (ARC) is a USA based business with its primary operations in Seattle, WA. The business focuses on providing high-tech firearm accessories and analytics to professional security forces worldwide.

THIRD PLACE WINNERThe DICE Leadership Group provides organizations with the framework, training, and resources to effectively design and implement a successful diversity and inclusion program that boosts employee engagement, productivity, and empowerment at every level of the organization.